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To support economic, societal and cultural projects initiated by initiated by Afro-descendants and Africans of the continent or in diaspora. React against racism and negrophobia as well as xenophobia.

Africa Mundus Institut/Institute (AMI) is a

anti-segregationist non-governmental organization

and international non-discriminatory, registered and

based in Europe.

The AMI brings together Africans from the continent and and the Diaspora as well as Afro-descendants from English-speaking, Arabic-speaking, Creole-speaking, French-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking countries, regions, territories around the world. The AMI prohibits any distinction of skin color, gender, origin or denomination for the membership of its members. All those who were born or consider themselves to belong to the Africa Mundus space and its values ​​are also welcomed and welcome. Due to their natural links with the African continent, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Indian Ocean and Australia, AMI members are resolutely committed to the reconomic, cultural, societal, the protection and safeguarding of nature and the environment via remittances/remitt@nces, Research & Développent/R&D with academics, executives, the creation of businesses and jobs with craftsmen and entrepreneurs, civil servants, employees and elected officials of all democratic bodies
Africa Mundus